Shelton Capstone Project

3/20/2018 8:40 am

Dear Shelton Public School Parent/Guardian:


Next year, both juniors and seniors at Shelton High School are required to complete a Capstone

project designed to prepare them for life-long learning and effective and productive citizenship

through the opportunity to plan, complete and present a self-directed culminating project

reflecting their personal interest. The Capstone experience requires students to demonstrate the

most important components of their learning under the guidance of a mentor from the

community. The Capstone Project offers members of the community the opportunity to share

their knowledge and expertise with Shelton High School students.


The primary responsibilities of a mentor are to:

  • Communicate clearly to the student what his/her role will be, when meetings will occur, and
  • what time and skill limitations are;
  • Assist the student in clarifying his/her goals and objectives and developing a plan that will
  • result in achieving his/her goals;
  • Be available to answer questions in a non-judgmental manner allowing the student to learn
  • from his/her mistakes;
  • Guide, encourage and oversee the student as he/she completes his/her project;
  • Meet with student at least 15 hours outside of the school day;
  • Help the student evaluate the entire process and the final product;
  • Verify the time spent working with the student throughout the project on the Fieldwork Time
  • Log.


With over 700 students needing to complete this graduation requirement next year, SHS needs

your help. If you are willing to mentor a student in your field of employment or an area of

expertise, please contact a Shelton High School Capstone Committee coordinator. We

appreciate your consideration.



Dana Jeanette-Kneen

Lynn M. Coffin


Shelton High School Capstone Committee Co-Coordinators

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